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How long is one performance?


A single showact lasts 6 minutes, a longer program is adaptable for performances between 15 to 30 minutes.

How much is the fee for a performance?

The fee is geared to the length of the performance, the kind of event and the daily requirements.

An individual quote will be tailored to your needs.

The fee includes many hours and years of professional training, conception and experience. Costs for props, advertisment, taxes, time for office work, preperation for the performance, travel ect. - but also the promise to be as cooperative and flexible on site as possible to present the best show possible.

Where do you perform?

At all kinds of different events: jubilee events, corporate parties, marriages, galas, balls, conferences, congresses, tradefairs, product-presentations. And of course on stage for variety and cultural events!


The majority of the work takes place in Germany, but of course engagements across Europe, or worldwide, are always welcomed. So far, Hinnerk Schichta has been booked in 19 different countrys. Through the years of professional training abroad, he speaks english and french fluently.

What are the technical requirements?


A sound system (CD or MP3, maybe a headset connection) and stage lights.

In addition a stage is advantageous for better visibility for the audience. It is always nice to have a uniform background.

At large events mostly everything is already provided or has to be rented seperatly. Before the performance, sometimes a rehearsal with an technician is needed. 

For smaller events, a sound system for up to 200 people, a headset and simple stage lights can be provided, for which no power connection is needed.

What is the difference between contact juggling and dance juggling?
In contact juggling spheres of glass are rolling over hands and body and they seem to float. This new art (form) is little common and very facinating to watch.

Tanzjonglage (dance-juggling) is a new form that Hinnerk Schichta has named and developed.

Described by an audiance member as:

"A wonderful, fascinating dance where silver spheres and body merge. Absolutely High Class! "

Hinnerk Schichta is professionaly trainend and dedicates himselve completly to the perfection of his art.

Thus something unique has been created and the program is among the best to be found internationaly.

That  you can see notice in the feedback of the clients as well. Just take a look at the reviews.


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